Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Week of Beltaine and Cinco de Mayo

New #31 I let a fear of mine move in with me.
 I have always been terrified of spiders to the point that I would run around screaming if some said there was a spider on me, run off shrieking if a spider was moving close to me.  As I got older I lessened the amount of screaming and shrieking but not really the amount of fear.  I tried many different ways to get over the fear but apparently living on my own and having to deal with spiders on my own was the best way.  I still don't like them but I can capture them and release them outside all by myself.  I have now let a comb-footed spider move into my downstairs bathroom so it can help deal with the ants that keep trying to infiltrate my house.  I am even able to be in the bathroom knowing he is in there.  The spider does not look radioactive but if I gain any new super powers I will know where they came from.

New #32 Writing
I started writing again, and not just this blog.  I think this blog might have helped me realize that I miss writing I used to write all the time but then situations and life happened.  I have been unable to get started again until now.  It is nothing good yet but at least the years long writers block has been removed.  I feel more like myself than I have in a long time.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

End of April

New #27 I have avoided using new work related things but this one is part new work and part new personal growth so I am going to include it.  I was able to comfortably network with other people in my field at a conference which led to my volunteer join a state wide task force in my interest area.  I have struggled to talk myself up to others so this was a big personal and work related step.

New #28 Taking a singing workshop.  I know my family, close friends and exes have all told me that I have a horrible voice and for a while that kept me from singing where anyone could hear me.  Then I said whatever I will sing because I enjoy singing.  I know I will never be good at singing but that should not keep me from learning more songs and learning from people that are actually good at.  So I will keep on singing out loud.

New #29 Woke up early every single day for a week.  Instead of sleeping in on the weekends and the days I work late, I woke up early and used the time to write swim lesson plans, cook full lunches for the day, work out in the morning, etc.  I am not a morning person so this was a challenge for me.

New #30 New Recipe: Cilantro, Jalapeno Rice- So Tasty- Highly recommend it for everyone.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Catch Up end of Feb, March and Beg of April

I got a bit behind due to my grandfather's illness, going out to visit him, my own treatment of an ongoing ear issue, and just general life happenings.  However while I may not have been writing about the new things I was very much doing new things, going to places, and trying new foods.  So in order to quickly catch up and because I really cannot remember what week some things happened I will just list some of the new experiences in one lump listing.

New Things #12-14
Starting the WSI class, finishing it, and then being offered a lead swim instructor position.  This is one of the reasons I have been to busy to keep of writing.  The classes were twice a week for several hours and the every Sat. morning I had the 3.5 of classes I was helping teach.  When I finished the class I am now a certified Water Safety Instructor.  The last few weeks, I have been co-teaching and getting paid for it finally.  When the next session of swim lessons starts I will be the lead teacher and have my own assistant and getting paid a slight bit more.

New Thing #15 Going completely dairy free.  I have for many years avoided milk due to a completely irrational phobia that it goes bad as soon as the milk is opened.  I cut icecream out of my diet a while back.  Due to the weighing on my conscious of the treatment of dairy cows and the amount of calories in cheese (though I love cheese so very much)  I cut out the rest of the dairy I ate in stages.  I cut out cheese first because I thought it would be the hardest.  Then I cut out kefir.  The last to go was greek yogurt and that was by far the hardest, I still miss that.  Soy and coconut yogurt are not even close whereas using avocado or hummus to sub for grilled cheese is tasty and there are some good vegan cheese pizzas.

New Things #16-19
New Airports that I have been to in my wanderings:  Newark, Laguardia, Boston, and BWI
Newark I recommend never going here, very dirty and run down. Laguardia was very big and busy, full of foreign languages and accents, and it even had excellent options for vegetarian snacks at the restaurants and kiosks.  The landing strip for Laguardia was right off of water so that is pretty cool. Boston had the excitement of needed to go through an under the Atlantic ocean tunnel to get to the airport so you land directly off of the water too.  BWI is a bit closer and easier to get to than Dulles and there is not much exciting to say about it.  It is an airport.

New Things #19-21
New Cities Explored
Boston- I spent the weekend of St. Patrick's Day with some great friends being a tourist, Sam Adams brewery tour, wandering and taste testing in Little Italy, found the one of the oldest farmer's markets and of course New Thing #19 went to a Drop Kick Murphy concert on St. Patrick's Day in Boston!
Gloucester, Va- Spent an with a friend and a delightfully laid back morning enjoying coffee with a gorgeous view.

New Thing #22 Assistant Stage Manager for a Tribal Delight, worked with some of my wonderful dancer and performer friends, and met some new amazing dancers.  Great show, great time, great venue.  I have seen a belly dance show there before but now I got to work backstage which is a magic all of it's own.

Things #23 & 24 New Recipes Cooked
Poached Egg- Never had one before.  Growing up I only had scrambled, hard boiled, or omelet style eggs.  So a poached egg was too exotic to even consider.  I have since experimented with trying over hard and over medium.  I still won't touch over easy- the too runny yolks still creep me out.  But I wanted to try cooking a poached egg.  It didn't turn out perfect but it came out of the water intact enough to eat.  Not my favorite way to eat an egg.
Roasted Garlic Soup- Vegetable broth, roasted garlic, rice noodles, and cilantro.  Yummy! and super easy!

New Thing #25 & 26 New Places in town
A newly opened LGBT friendly bar in town.  Went out for drinks and karaoke with a friend.
Went shooting pool, or attempting to.  At least I did not break or destroy anything.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week 6 (Feb 5- Feb 11)

New # 11: Fixing my scratched up dansko's.  For some reason the toe and heel area's on my shoes are shredded as all get out while the rest of the shoe is in perfect condition.  So I decided to see if I could savaged the shoes enough to be able to still wear them to work and not just keep them as everyday shoes.  I sanded the rough edges and then painted over the entire shoe with acrylic paint in wrought iron grey and then sponge painted over that with gunmetal silver.  When it is completely dry tomorrow I will spray over it with waterproofing.

Before with scuff marks

After: Shiny with 2 new shades of grey

New #12: Added a yoga class to my weekly workout routine.  It is fantastic to have that back in my life!  I can start working on some of my flexibility goals now.  My strength training and regular fitness goals were already underway and it is about time to add in flexibility/  Plus the stress relief that comes from yoga is so wonderful..  I don't actually do well with the meditation part but to be told to try to shut my mind off for a bit is something I need weekly.  

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Week 5 (Jan 29-Feb5)

A bit late not due to lack of new things but due to being overwhelmingly busy in a fantastic way. I am now a volunteer swim instructor, on anew work-out regimen, and a new calorie cycling diet that is more natural to the way I usually eat that it barely feels like dieting.  However none of these are the new things of the week

New #9:  Cooking with cumin.  I have been afraid of this seasoning for some reason and have never cooked with it before.  Never ever.  So I decided that this week I would tackle it in the same way I use garlic: it belongs in everything.  So Cumin goes excellent with eggs, black bean soup, couscous, and most vegetables.  I did not like it with peanut butter, broccoli, or popcorn.

New #10: Went to two new places in one week.  I went bowling with a friend on last Sunday and then technically went to Denny's in town for the first time (but it was a Denny's does that really count).  I am still as awfully as always at bowling.  I did manage to make it through half a game right-handed before my shoulder dislocated and I had to switch to lefty.  On Friday night went out dancing at a bar/nightclub here in town.  Wow! I will not be a repeat customer there, but had fun with my friend's from work.  It was a good night out. I am not sure want to get to know my town any better but there has got to be somewhere I will like around and I will not find unless I keep looking.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Week 4 (Jan 22- Jan. 28)

I know the week isn't quite over but it has already been a busy one.

 So here we go....

New # 7 Worked out with a personal trainer for the first time.  I get three free sessions with my new YMCA membership, which I got for all of the Zumba classes and Yoga I will get to and have been taking, but I thought why not relearn how to weight-lift. I have not done a formal weight regime since high school, just dumb bell kicks that I will on for a bit and then stop and now sporadic random shovel-gloving for the Balla Guerra.  The trainer seemed a good idea because I torn some muscles in my right shoulder many years back and certain movements have always hurt that side.  So I figured why not take advantage of someone who is paid to workout and is knowledgeable in this area and can help me figure out what I can do to build up my strength without injury myself further.  It was a fantastic idea because I basically can not use any of the machine weights for the upper body so I learned to use the cable machines and learned some specific dumb bell lifting moves that will target my injury.

New #8  I actually styled my hair all by myself, not just my usually scrunch and go or ponytail.  I blow dried it out twice and did an up-do- a side twist pony tail, whatever that is.  The up-do started to fall about halfway through the day but it was super cute at first and is pretty easy so I will try it again and hope that with practice I get better at it.  Hooray I am a girl!

New #8.5  Got a new roommate!  That will help me not be stressed so this is a good thing.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 3 (Jan 15- Jan 21)

New # 5: This one is a bit more intangible than the rest as it is a new of feeling about  way an experience I have had many times.  But as this is a journey of discovery including self-discovery, I think this counts.  On Saturday I once again helped with the backstage parts of a yearly dance show in Richmond.  I have done crew stuff before, I even directed a few plays back in the day, and I have performed in shows.  So this is not a new experience in and of itself.  The newness comes from the overwhelming feeling of rightness and confidence that I felt during this particular show.  Gone was the myriad of self doubts and worry that usually plagues me, even if only for a short while.  This brief reprieve of anxiety might in part be due to the fedora that I was able to borrow and looked so smashingly amazing in.  However the confidence to even accept the hat for the afternoon rather than demurely decline such a gracious offer from someone I had just met was a new confidence.

New # 6: In an effort to get to know my town better, I went into three new stores this week.  I found a shoe stores that sells Danskos and an international grocery store!  The other store was supposed to be a thrift store but I am convinced it is a front and I will never set foot in it again.