Friday, January 27, 2012

Week 4 (Jan 22- Jan. 28)

I know the week isn't quite over but it has already been a busy one.

 So here we go....

New # 7 Worked out with a personal trainer for the first time.  I get three free sessions with my new YMCA membership, which I got for all of the Zumba classes and Yoga I will get to and have been taking, but I thought why not relearn how to weight-lift. I have not done a formal weight regime since high school, just dumb bell kicks that I will on for a bit and then stop and now sporadic random shovel-gloving for the Balla Guerra.  The trainer seemed a good idea because I torn some muscles in my right shoulder many years back and certain movements have always hurt that side.  So I figured why not take advantage of someone who is paid to workout and is knowledgeable in this area and can help me figure out what I can do to build up my strength without injury myself further.  It was a fantastic idea because I basically can not use any of the machine weights for the upper body so I learned to use the cable machines and learned some specific dumb bell lifting moves that will target my injury.

New #8  I actually styled my hair all by myself, not just my usually scrunch and go or ponytail.  I blow dried it out twice and did an up-do- a side twist pony tail, whatever that is.  The up-do started to fall about halfway through the day but it was super cute at first and is pretty easy so I will try it again and hope that with practice I get better at it.  Hooray I am a girl!

New #8.5  Got a new roommate!  That will help me not be stressed so this is a good thing.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 3 (Jan 15- Jan 21)

New # 5: This one is a bit more intangible than the rest as it is a new of feeling about  way an experience I have had many times.  But as this is a journey of discovery including self-discovery, I think this counts.  On Saturday I once again helped with the backstage parts of a yearly dance show in Richmond.  I have done crew stuff before, I even directed a few plays back in the day, and I have performed in shows.  So this is not a new experience in and of itself.  The newness comes from the overwhelming feeling of rightness and confidence that I felt during this particular show.  Gone was the myriad of self doubts and worry that usually plagues me, even if only for a short while.  This brief reprieve of anxiety might in part be due to the fedora that I was able to borrow and looked so smashingly amazing in.  However the confidence to even accept the hat for the afternoon rather than demurely decline such a gracious offer from someone I had just met was a new confidence.

New # 6: In an effort to get to know my town better, I went into three new stores this week.  I found a shoe stores that sells Danskos and an international grocery store!  The other store was supposed to be a thrift store but I am convinced it is a front and I will never set foot in it again.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week 2 ( Jan8- Jan14)

New Thing #3: First Zumba Class.  Drove up to Chambersburg, PA for an open house to take this class for free.  I am so much in love with Zumba.  What is not to love about dancing non-stop with different styles to different kinds of music.

New Thing #4: New recipe- 13 bean soup.  super easy, but not as tasty as hoped.  Next time I will add more garlic and less bay leaves.  Maybe make a bit less healthy by topping with croutons and cheese.

Week 1 (Jan1-Jan7)

New Thing #1:  Enter Pic of Koy and tree roots into online Photo contest.

New Thing #2 : Cooked new recipe,homemade red beans and rice.  Took longer than expected but was very tasty when done.


While living in Richmond, I not only learned important school related lessons.  I learned some fabulous lessons on motivation, creativity, passion, and drive.  I became inspired to follow several people's path in creating a 365 project.  Now that is a bit more than I am willing to realistically undertake, so a 52 week project is where I am starting out.  My project is to continue the evolution that I started in Richmond.  I want to continue learning and growing as a person.  My 52-week project is to discover at least two things each week, whether it is cooking a new recipe, going some where new, or trying something new.