Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 3 (Jan 15- Jan 21)

New # 5: This one is a bit more intangible than the rest as it is a new of feeling about  way an experience I have had many times.  But as this is a journey of discovery including self-discovery, I think this counts.  On Saturday I once again helped with the backstage parts of a yearly dance show in Richmond.  I have done crew stuff before, I even directed a few plays back in the day, and I have performed in shows.  So this is not a new experience in and of itself.  The newness comes from the overwhelming feeling of rightness and confidence that I felt during this particular show.  Gone was the myriad of self doubts and worry that usually plagues me, even if only for a short while.  This brief reprieve of anxiety might in part be due to the fedora that I was able to borrow and looked so smashingly amazing in.  However the confidence to even accept the hat for the afternoon rather than demurely decline such a gracious offer from someone I had just met was a new confidence.

New # 6: In an effort to get to know my town better, I went into three new stores this week.  I found a shoe stores that sells Danskos and an international grocery store!  The other store was supposed to be a thrift store but I am convinced it is a front and I will never set foot in it again.

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