Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Week of Beltaine and Cinco de Mayo

New #31 I let a fear of mine move in with me.
 I have always been terrified of spiders to the point that I would run around screaming if some said there was a spider on me, run off shrieking if a spider was moving close to me.  As I got older I lessened the amount of screaming and shrieking but not really the amount of fear.  I tried many different ways to get over the fear but apparently living on my own and having to deal with spiders on my own was the best way.  I still don't like them but I can capture them and release them outside all by myself.  I have now let a comb-footed spider move into my downstairs bathroom so it can help deal with the ants that keep trying to infiltrate my house.  I am even able to be in the bathroom knowing he is in there.  The spider does not look radioactive but if I gain any new super powers I will know where they came from.

New #32 Writing
I started writing again, and not just this blog.  I think this blog might have helped me realize that I miss writing I used to write all the time but then situations and life happened.  I have been unable to get started again until now.  It is nothing good yet but at least the years long writers block has been removed.  I feel more like myself than I have in a long time.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

End of April

New #27 I have avoided using new work related things but this one is part new work and part new personal growth so I am going to include it.  I was able to comfortably network with other people in my field at a conference which led to my volunteer join a state wide task force in my interest area.  I have struggled to talk myself up to others so this was a big personal and work related step.

New #28 Taking a singing workshop.  I know my family, close friends and exes have all told me that I have a horrible voice and for a while that kept me from singing where anyone could hear me.  Then I said whatever I will sing because I enjoy singing.  I know I will never be good at singing but that should not keep me from learning more songs and learning from people that are actually good at.  So I will keep on singing out loud.

New #29 Woke up early every single day for a week.  Instead of sleeping in on the weekends and the days I work late, I woke up early and used the time to write swim lesson plans, cook full lunches for the day, work out in the morning, etc.  I am not a morning person so this was a challenge for me.

New #30 New Recipe: Cilantro, Jalapeno Rice- So Tasty- Highly recommend it for everyone.