Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Week 5 (Jan 29-Feb5)

A bit late not due to lack of new things but due to being overwhelmingly busy in a fantastic way. I am now a volunteer swim instructor, on anew work-out regimen, and a new calorie cycling diet that is more natural to the way I usually eat that it barely feels like dieting.  However none of these are the new things of the week

New #9:  Cooking with cumin.  I have been afraid of this seasoning for some reason and have never cooked with it before.  Never ever.  So I decided that this week I would tackle it in the same way I use garlic: it belongs in everything.  So Cumin goes excellent with eggs, black bean soup, couscous, and most vegetables.  I did not like it with peanut butter, broccoli, or popcorn.

New #10: Went to two new places in one week.  I went bowling with a friend on last Sunday and then technically went to Denny's in town for the first time (but it was a Denny's does that really count).  I am still as awfully as always at bowling.  I did manage to make it through half a game right-handed before my shoulder dislocated and I had to switch to lefty.  On Friday night went out dancing at a bar/nightclub here in town.  Wow! I will not be a repeat customer there, but had fun with my friend's from work.  It was a good night out. I am not sure want to get to know my town any better but there has got to be somewhere I will like around and I will not find unless I keep looking.

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